YouTuber Furtjuh ambassador film Love, Simon

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Rutger Vink is the ambassador of the coming-of-age movie Love, Simon. The popular YouTuber, better known under his pseudonym Furtjuh, organizes the coming weeks for his followers a number of free previews of the American hit film, which is only from mid-June in the Dutch cinemas to see.

It is the first time that the Tick resolution to such action. “The film tells about a boy whose orientation at school before he decided out of the closet,” says the YouTuber. In one of the best reviewed films of the Furtjuh he tells about his own coming out. “There are so many similarities between this film and my own experiences in this area.”

Moreover, the DUTCH very well that a major Hollywood film tells a story about two lovelorn teenage boys. “I want this movie like the attention of my followers”, explains Vink. “The people who are loyal to me are really open and open-minded about homosexuality. But I also hope that they in their enthusiasm, Love, Simon to others going to recommend this also to see and realize how normal it is to have a non-straight people. I had really wished that I this film could have seen when I was in the closet was.”

Furtjuh gets daily, via his YouTube channel threats and curses because of his homosexuality. “I film my life; that I have a friend instead of a girlfriend makes a part. That is normal and would be everywhere in the world to normal. I can’t be with that other people believe there – usually anonymously – such terrible things about to say.”

Compared to the haatreacties are also a lot of positive comments about his openness. “I often get comments from guys or girls who are out of the closet to come and very nervous about. “A little girl told me that she normally liked because Rutger is also and I always look his videos,” wrote a follower, last. I was very happy.” Furtjuh has almost half a million followers, mainly teenagers. He places all of six years weekly, a new movie about his life online.

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