What Mark Zuckerberg did not say

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Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg admits that his company had made mistakes in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. But he also has a lot of things not said.

It took several days for Mark Zuckerberg’s allowed himself to hear. Meanwhile, the scandal around Cambridge Analytica ever-larger forms. That company would Facebookdata of 50 million Us …

It took several days for Mark Zuckerberg’s allowed himself to hear. Meanwhile, the scandal around Cambridge Analytica ever-larger forms. That company would Facebookdata of 50 million Us facebook users, by devious means, obtained, and used them to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Too little, too late

After days of growing criticism showed Zuckerberg yesterday finally made themselves heard in a Facebookbericht. He repeated the history, about how Cambridge Analytica to that data is lost. How false they have played. And what Facebook will do in the future to avoid. Full apologies were not there, said he, ” that we are responsible to protect your data, and if we can’t then we deserve not to serve you’.

The message from Zuckerberg could immediately count on a lot of criticism. In the first place because he is there five days to hear. Already, he declared to the New York Times that he long waited to respond because he ” first, a complete and accurate understanding wanted to have what had happened’. However knew Facebook for several years, what with Cambridge Analytica was going on.

So it was in 2015 already know that there was a data breach to Cambridge Analytica, thanks to journalists of The Guardian. Facebook then demanded that the data have been deleted, but users of the Facebook platform was never told that their data behind their backs, were abused. Why were the affected users will not be informed? Zuckerberg gives no answer.


Only last week, would Facebook have learned, through journalists from The Guardian, the New York Times, and Channel 4, that those data were never deleted. Zuckerberg stated, according to MSNBC that he was ” people believe when they say they will do’.

Zuckerberg says that he is about erasing the data, a kind of confirmation. ‘Certifications’, he calls it that himself. But it is unclear what that will entail. Kevin Roose, the reporter from the New York Times that Zuckerberg about the affair interviewed, had an idea. “There are reports that Facebook them a letter’, he asked on MSNBC. ‘With: put a tick here if you have nothing wrong with our data. They have returned, and that was it.’

The is Facebook really resent that for years, and was aware of a problem and there is nothing concrete. Zuckerberg said that the 2014 ‘action taken’, but critics dispute that.

So was Roger McNamee, an early investor in Facebook and ever mentor of Zuckerberg, louisiana. “They never have the infrastructure set up to consumers of their data to protect,” he said on MSNBC. ‘They have done nothing to identify with that data to get going. So that it is now time to get to everything to figure out, is laughable.’

Facebook is already under fire because of possible influences of the American elections with fake news stories on the platform. Critics find it in that context, it is particularly strange that Facebook still does not openly about Cambridge Analytica communicated, since the public conscience was that that company had ties with the campaign of Trump.


And what to think about that so-called apologies of Zuckerberg? McNamee: ‘Facebook has rules are always annoying, considered, and chosen to rules but to ignore it. The only reason why they now regret, because they were caught.’

According to some critics, pointing to the reaction of Zuckerberg on not more than symptom relief, without the core of the problems in the business model of the company to hit. “They recognize not that they are systemic problems,” stated Brian Wieser, analyst at Pivotal Research to Bloomberg. ‘These are just the problems that we already know, but they have even more problems in running other aspects of their business.’ According to Wieser ‘there would be more of the focus should be on how to do this in the first place, it is able to happen’.


Even so, Zuckerberg in interviews with some media, some prudent concessions.

He says that people whose data was abused about it finally will be informed. He says that he is open to regulation by governments, ‘all is the question of what the appropriate regulation is. And he says to the American Congress-will come as soon as he prompted, ” all I do not know whether I am the right person for ben. The legal people in his company are so much more appropriate, he says.

He will, however, such an invitation should expect. “This will not suffice,” the Democratic senator David Cicilline on Zuckerbergs communication. “He must come and testify before Congress.’

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg is not worried that Facebook immediately an uninhabited island will be. About the #deletefacebook campaign on social media, ” he said to the New York Times: “We do not have significant number of people then see the react. But, you know, well, all that is not.’

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