US dropping charges when Erdogan

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WASHINGTON – Federal prosecutors in the US have decided the charges against eleven of the fifteen security officers of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to drop the case. The members of the security team were indicted in connection with a street brawl in may 2017 in the vicinity of the Turkish embassy in Washington.

The Turkish president Erdogan.

The indictments because of the use of violence against the four other members of Erdogans security team. The office of the prosecutor refused to elaborate on the reasons for the charges against most of the security guards to let them fall.

Eleven people injured

The incident on 16 may between Turkish security forces and demonstrators, who were protesting against the government of Erdogan, the relations between Turkey and the United States well under pressure. When the skirmishes were eleven people injured.

Turkey blamed the brawl outside the residence of the ambassador of protesters who allegedly with links to the Kurdish workers Party (PKK). The police chief in Washington, spoke of “a brutal attack” on peaceful demonstrators.

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