Ukraine arrest ’heroine’ Savchenko

ebf346948aef1e9ed0f08e972145023d - Ukraine arrest ’heroine’ Savchenko

KIEV – The Ukrainian authorities have parliamentarian and former luchtmachtpilote Nadja Savchenko arrested. Prosecutors accuse her of plotting an attack on the parliament. That decided Thursday the immunity from Savchenko to withdraw, after which she was held.

Nadja Savchenko.

Savchenko grew up in Ukraine to become a national hero after them in 2014, was captured by pro-Russian separatists. She sat for a long time in Russia, but came in 2016 released through a prisoner exchange. Savchenko went on in her home country politics, where she regularly criticising the current authorities.

The politician decides that under her were trying to convert to a plot to the government to overthrow. They wanted her in discredit, sets Savchenko. They played to their own say to the evil plans of the authorities brought to light.

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