Turkish singer in cell after insulting Erdogan

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ANKARA – A well-known Turkish singer and actress has been sentenced to ten months in jail for insulting president Erdogan during a performance in 2016.

Zuhal Olcay.

Singer Zuhal Olcay was accused of the lyrics of one of her songs to have changed by Erdogans name. While singing it she made an offensive hand gesture, reported the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet.

A video of the performance shows Olcay while the lyrics of her song changes to: “Recep Tayyip Erdogan, it is all empty, it is all a lie, life will one day end and you’ll say: I had a dream,” according to Hürriyet.

In her testimony rejected Olcay the allegations and said that they Erdogans name was used because it is in the rhyme-scheme fit, and not “secretly or abusive gesture”. She said that the gesture was directed at someone in the audience.

Insulting the president is a crime in Turkey to which a maximum of four years in prison.

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