Trump: I would fight with ‘crazy’ Biden win

bf47391558027ffad88bcf3f658e7cc7 - Trump: I would fight with 'crazy' Biden win

WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump has taken to former vice president Joe Biden. ,,The deranged Joe Biden trying to impersonate a tough guy, but he is weak. Both mentally and physically”, sneered the president on Twitter. ,,And yet threatened me for the second time with physical violence.”

Trump responded in a speech that Biden gave at the University of Miami. The vice president of Trumps predecessor Barack Obama said according to CNN that he, as a scholar, however, council had known a person like Trump, who is guilty of vrouwonvriendelijke comments. The Democrat would him to say,black and blue” have beaten behind the school.

The president showed himself to be not impressed. He believes that it is precisely Biden in a fight the worst of it would be hollow. ,,He doesn’t know me, but he would be fast and hard decline”, tweeted Trump. He would only cry. You must not threaten you, Joe.”

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