Trump about ex-vice president Biden: ‘He would cry if I saw him attack

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President Donald Trump

The spat between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the former vice-president of Barack Obama, is degenerate. Biden had said that he and Trump together would save if she had been at school, but the American president has now proclaimed that he that fight could easily win.

The occasion for the riot was a speech by Joe Biden, who under the reign of Barack Obama, his vice president was, for the students of the university of Miami. He had it straight about Trump. “A man that finally our leader has said that he women at any time may hold, and that they still would like to have too,” said Biden. “Someone has asked me whether I have a debate wanted to run with this man. “No,” I said, “when we had been at school, I would have him behind the gym has been beaten.” Believe me: I’m in a lot of locker rooms in my life. I’m a pretty good athlete. Those statements did as our leader, was usually the fattest and ugliest motherfucker in the room.’

Respond quickly

Using his favorite communication channel has Donald Trump quickly responded to the statements of Biden. ‘Crazy Joe Biden tries the tough guy out to hang, ” he writes on Twitter. “But actually he is both physically and mentally weak. And yet he threatens me with physical violence. He doesn’t know me, but he would be fast and hard to the ground. And then another cry. Threaten any people, Joe

Sexual assault

Biden gave the speech, by the way, during an event that the culture of sexual assault once and for all wants to change. ‘Sexual abuse revolves around power and that is show than to sex, ” he said. “And it’s not only the men in order to change. Studies show that 95 percent of the young women who are abused that the first time, tell a roommate or friend(in). But that is not enough: you need to inform you about what facilities there are and make use of it.’

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