Tim Knol runs furiously away from ochtendshow Giel Beelen

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The chance that Tim Knol ever will occur in a radio show of Giel Beelen, seems to be over. The singer and the Veronica-deejay went sat night with a big fight from each other, after Beelen – during the occurrence of Tuber – a stripper in the broadcast had come. “Here, I really feel too old for this crap!”

Reason for Giels joke was the criticism that Tim a few weeks ago, when Radio 538-dj Frank Dane a performance by singer Moon interrupted with the arrival of a streaker.

“I’m really angry with you, Tim,” says Giel shortly before Tuber cover of Heart of Gold by Neil Young is going to sing. “I’ve doubted whether I you would invite. 538 is here in the same building, nota bene, belongs to the Talpa Radio Group, where I now work. I want to be there still for a moment to enter, because you are so violently reacted. And I simply thought: shut the fuck up, Tim. You won’t know what to do.”

Then explains to Tim why he for Moon in the gap jump. “Maybe that’s true, but I saw the movie come in. I see that happen, and then I think: yes, if I had been, I was a runaway. I was just very sad for that girl. She was a very pretty song to sing and it was very exciting for her. And then there is suddenly a naked guy with his naked cock in front of her nose. I find that just a little dirty. I find that simply ridiculous.”


As Tim and his band eventually the song bet, reveals Giel to his listeners that he has a surprise in store. “What Tim doesn’t know, is that there are so really a stripper arrives. I am wondering if it a long sustain.”

As soon as Tim the stripper sees you, he takes his guitar and he walks towards the exit of the building. “I have no sense in it. Here I am too old for this trouble. Sorry. I feel too serious for that. This is exactly the same story. I really had not expected such a thing would do. That you are so low in pockets. Flash on, john. Here, I really feel too old for this crap. Kleuterradio. I do not style and now you go me here a little for cock. I just have principles.”

When Tim comes back to his band members to help pack up, grabs Giel the time to let them know what he thinks. “I thought: let me not during your own number. I find this really very unsportsmanlike, Tim. This is me really really against. I mean, if you are so your opinion ready about everyone and everything… that’s why I also doubted I would invite. I didn’t actually have to do. And I also don’t know really whether I should say ’until next time’.”

Tim then makes all uncertainty to an end: “Well Giel, I thought not.”

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