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This is the first Danish Netflix series

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Denmark has its first real Netflix series to tackle. And because the Danes best to do well in series, the expectations are for The rain high.

The trailer looks depressing, but that’s because The rain takes place in an apocalyptic time, because a virus that spread through the rain, six years ago, almost the entire Scandinavian population uitroeide. A Danish brother and sister join a group of young survivors and go together on tour by leaving Scandinavia in search of any sign of life. A bit like The walking dead but without the zombies.

The Danes already have a very nice resume when it comes to series. Borgen, The killing and The bridge were all topseries so The rain will certainly be worthwhile. We know that from 4 may, it is ie at all to see on Netflix.

And for the fun, another song about rain (that also has nothing to do with the series).

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