Teacher of morals Mezdi gives Tim a lot of along

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Spoiler alert – Although She still does not know better than that after her participation along with her friend Tim ends with a ring on her finger, it seems the chance of this Temptation-marriage with the minute to disappear. Megan is now a dip, now that her sweetheart Joshua has indicated just the lust and not the burden of wanting. Yet, this episode is packed with other surprises…

Mezdi gives Tim a solid sermon.

Despite the fact that Tim woke up next to a seducer Cherish, on whom he claims to be in love, is Mezdi is of the opinion that the Flemish are a lot on the business ahead. Although Mezdi in the past itself also transgressions hath committed, he seems to now have a shred of decency in his body. He speaks to Tim is strict and he tries to get him to shake up how the images happen to his girlfriend Deborah, who is still aware of no evil.

Cherish thinks, in her turn, that she is the grand prize within has dragged. In a meidengesprek trust the other seducer that they ’only’ spoon-spoon have been located and on what grabbing hands after, don’t have sex. Presenter Rick is with stupidity struck, because they had every confidence in Tim after the program is real on his knees would go.

Inevitable drama

While Mezdi is busier, seems to make it to the puppy love of Tim and Cherish, he knows not yet that ’coloring’ Fabrizio meanwhile, his girlfriend Danielle during a date of a tattoo provides. After threats of Mezdi’s side that he is the flamboyant Fabrizio of ’a tattoo of his dick on his forehead,’ will air as his blonde girlfriend is actually a permanent inktplaatje on her body, put by him, is waiting for the kampvuurbeelden that Mezdi get to see.

Of course all the other participants on the date sent. Megan chooses surprisingly still for Joshua, despite that he previously turned down because they have feelings and only want sex. Gino grabs already massaging his chance at Deborah, and expected them – not after bad kampvuurbeelden – by itself will start to melt for him.

Huwelijksplannen or not, on the date may Tim and Cherish in a traditional Thai wedding suit stitch and seal their early love with a vriendschapsceremonie. The rest of the island seems to be in turmoil about what is going on between the Hague blonde and the Flemish. The verleidsters welcome lovebirds with a lot of enthusiasm, but Mezdi and Jeremy clearly show their disapproval of the measure. Later isolates Jeremy with Billy to express that he is a total disrespectful is how Tim behaves. “The boy urges.”

Kevin, who had a few episodes is a single – says in the healing arms of Mother are ludduvuddu have already been processed. At the end of the episode, trying Mezdi worse suffering to avoid with Deborah by in the middle of the night, a photo and a t-shirt with Deborah’s name to hide, but in the voorfilmpje of the next transmission in which there is an additional campfire, is to see that Deborah, her world collapses…


Danielle’s tattoo seemed to this episode but an illusion. Under the guise of ’fuck Mezdi’ is Daniëlle convinced of her decision. On the ’stamp’ that Fabrizio has put a negative reaction. The leaders are unanimous that the tattoo is many times worse than a slip, because the lasting souvenir Mezdi, there always will remember who that picture is.


Afzijdige Jeremy chooses the date for Billy, a girl he total anything with them, so that it is again safe to play. Temptress Billy sets the valid question why he and Vanessa at all to participate, because all that time he more of a free vacation seems to enjoy it, rather than a participation in the program is full of temptations. After nine days, it seems boring to set the same rate to continue to sail, despite the fact that Vanessa multiple times has negatively commented on her boyfriend, which she earlier claimed, oh, so happy.


Mezdi turned out this episode to a true teacher of morals, something I and probably many viewers with me, not to saw. He provides Tim a donderpreek and shuns not to him several times to remind that are still not official ex very raw images at the campfire to handle.

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