Sylvie: ’Men are not at the top of my list’

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Everyone is curious about the private life of Sylvie Meis, but she wants nothing about it. Did they in News a statement about men.

Sylvie Meis

Thus, she responded to the question whether they in addition to swimwear, eyewear and lingerie, sometimes at men’s fashion has ever thought of. No, at the men’s wear is for the time being. “I can go to think, but no, men are not at the top of my to-do list”, she responded firmly.

A man that can be at the top of her list is her recently conquered love dermatologist Sander, which is also in Hamburg lives. A week and a half ago, they had a wonderful weekend together with her mr. Perfect. The fashion entrepreneur shines during the show of her new collection, but that is the only thing about it. “You have my smile.”

Nevertheless, let them have something of her momentary happiness in life so the fit of one of the glasses from her collection, a pair of sunglasses with pink glass: “Yes, I see life absolutely through pink glasses.”

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