Sylvie Meis is HSV not yet forgotten

a24f34a1928d401fa8908fbefd96f0e9 - Sylvie Meis is HSV not yet forgotten

Sylvie Meis thinks, say every day at the German football club Hamburger SV. When the club celebrated her then-husband Rafael van der Vaart a few years ago successes.

That Sylvie often HSV think, comes not only by Rafael. “I have still a lot of HSV,” said the 39-year-old showvrouw at an event in Hamburg, where her new collection of sunglasses presented.

Together with her ex, she lived twice in Hamburg. First, from 2005 to 2008 and then from 2012 to 2015. Sylvie and Rafael were in Hamburg seen as a glamourkoppel. They did still manage to empathise with the ups and downs of HSV. It is currently not well with the club. HSV is last in the league and if that continues, degrades the club. “I will continue the club’s support”, says Sylvie nevertheless. “I hope that everything this season is still follow. A Bundesliga without the HSV, I can’t imagine.”

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