Support for The Farmer in battle with Mourinho

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Bryan Roy is like Frank de Boer is a big fan of Marcus Rashford. The former following his departure to chelsea is just like his former team-mate believes that Manchester United-coach Jose Mourinho was completely wrong dealing with the English talent.

José Mourinho and Frank de Boer.

“Rashford can shoot and dribble, he is fast, he is smart and he is very disciplined. That kind of players just need to each week to play and I understand, really not why He’s him not every week prepares. And then they buy Alexis Sanchez. What will you do with Rashford? I do not really”, says Roy in conversation with the British newspaper The Mirror.

The Farmer had himself earlier this month in similar terms about Mourinho. The Portuguese reacted as stung by a wasp and called The farm ‘the worst manager in the history of the Premier League’.

Bryan Roy

“I have been given,” said Roy. “Frank has a indeed a difficult period, known at Crystal Palace, but he had a point. Coaches like Mourinho are killing the football. It has nothing to do with entertaining the fans. Nothing at all.”

“That Frank the Palace is not well done, does not mean that he doesn’t allowed to say. It revolves around his vision. And that is similar to that of Johan Cruyff. Johan had just said the same thing. Mourinho does not think about the fans, he thinks only of the result. That has to change. Look at United. They play dramatically. He is just terrible.”

Frank de Boer and José Mourinho for the Champions League duel between their former clubs Ajax and Real Madrid.


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