Summary judgment against Gordon on april 3,

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The summary proceedings against Gordon and his brother Johny Heuckeroth should be on 3 april. That makes News Wednesday night known.

Gordon Heuckeroth

Johny has done everything to to with Gordon at the table. But that didn’t work out. Now, the court only knots go decision time, sets his lawyer Mathieu Wakim. Something also Johny prefer not to have seen. It had him also do not care if it is in the passages about him were preserved. “Then I think:’ Asshole that you are,’ but I could still have.”

But the passages about his parents, and especially those in which his father accuses of sexual abuse, which went him too far. “Hence the lawsuit.” The requirement: the books must be from the trade, there must be a rectification and the photo of the family from the book be removed.

And yet: “If he gave me his sincere apologised and said that he thought it really was the truth, then I can still live with it. It is not nothing to the court. But sometimes you have to.”

Previously threatened sister Lydia also file a lawsuit. With her came Gordon in there amongst themselves. The impugned passage about their parents would be adjusted and was therefore a preliminary injunction is not needed anymore, left her lawyer at that time know.

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