Sarkozy: ‘I live in hell by this slander”

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The French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy (63), which is in a state of accusation is made, has during his interrogation denied that he has been guilty of corruption and financial and tax offences. That writes Le Figaro.

‘I live in hell by slander. Do you believe that, if I still have the smallest thing to be guilty would feel in this case, I so stupid, so crazy would be the person to attack me financed?’ As quoted in the French newspaper Le Figaro Thursday from Sarkozy’s statements to the magistrates.

The French ex-president was Wednesday night released after 28 hours was interrogated about the possible illegal funding from the late Muammar Gaddafi would have received for his presidential campaign in 2007. The Libyan dictator would be a Franco-Libyan businessman as an intermediary used to have suitcases with cash money to provide the French ministry of the Interior. That intermediary, Ziad Takieddine, stated that the total amount of 5 million euros would go.

Sarkozy denies from the start of the judicial investigation and all allegations. In his statements to the magistrates, he emphasized the past 28 hours that he was the Libyan dictator, never for financial aid would have asked him then to attack.

According to Sarkozy, there are at least three big lies to be found in the allegations that will haunt him’:

  1. ‘Ziad Takieddine would be the son of Qaddafi have seen on 4 march 2011. He would have asked of him, or the truth of what he was on Euronews had said about the financing of the presidential campaign. But that is impossible, because the interview with Euronews took only 12 days later, on 16 march.’
  2. “Mr. Takieddine is lying when he says that he just binnenraakte at the ministry of Internal Affairs, without his appointment further to justify it. No one can the department enter without specifying with whom he has made an agreement!’
  3. “Finally made a mistake Takieddine himself when he says that the office of Claude Guéant (former employee of Sarkozy, eds.) located on the first floor. The office is located on the ground floor, which is very easy to control.’

In his statements berates Sarkozy even more ‘lies’ that, according to him, easy to puncture. So would a look at his calendar of 2007 is already a lot of things to clear up, the ex-head of state. ‘Where are the tangible proofs”, repeated Them several times during his interrogation. “They are not there or they are not real.’


After the declarations of Sarkozy followed Wednesday night still a blow: the ex-president was indicted. He is now officially suspected of “passive corruption, illegal financing of his election campaign and abuse of Libyan government money’.

That means that Sarkozy, who is the interrogation room in Nanterre was allowed to leave, to his house in Paris was allowed to return, but under judicial supervision was placed. He may not move freely.

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