Rutte: together with Macron climate action in Eastern Europe

38684e2eb02b9068a86e0d25b16620af - Rutte: together with Macron climate action in Eastern Europe

BRUSSELS – France and the Netherlands would work together to deploy to Eastern European countries at the climate issue to involve. “We’re in discussions about migration and climate permanently in a fixed groove,” said prime minister Mark Rutte in Brussels about the contradictions in the EU.

The French president Emmanuel Macron is embraced prime minister Mark Rutte.

Paris and The Hague, according to the premier the lead can take to get out of this and “in conversation” with Eastern European countries that are struggling their economy more sustainable. Both Rutte and French president Macron wants to go beyond the agreements in the climate deal in Paris.

The leaders, who Wednesday together in Den Haag dined, see the according to Rutte, however, to other countries, a breakaway to form. That would together take measures which are good for the climate, and also create jobs. “There is a huge economic potential that might also be the eastern westgevoeligheid can be taken away.”

Not only about climate but also about labour migration and reception of asylum seekers, there are many differences between Western Europe and countries like Poland and Hungary.

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