Russian media ignore politician after sexual misconduct

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MOSCOW – Several Russian media take action because of a history of sexual harassment in the house of Commons. At least five female journalists have parliamentarian Leonid Sloetski accused of such misconduct, reports The Moscow Times.

Parliamentarian Leonid Sloetski.

The lap of the media in the wrong throat that the ethiekcommissie of the state Duma of the accusations Wednesday from the table wiped. The commission concluded after two complaints to have studied that has not been proven that the politician is “inappropriate” behaviour, reported news agency TASS.

TV network Dozhd let then know the work in the Duma to end. “It has become clear that it is for women simply to dangerous to be in the state duma to come,” said editor-in-chief Aleksandra Perepjolova according to The Moscow Times.

Other media take similar measures. Radio station Echo Moskvi sends no correspondents to the state Duma. Daily newspaper Kommersant reported “end” to the cooperation with Sloetski. News site let us know the “existence” of the controversial politician will now have to ignore it, except in news coverage about the alleged sexual harassment.

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