Rillende Piqué: ‘Fart almost in my pants by Keane

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Gerard Piqué has an amusing anecdote about his time at Manchester United. The current defender of FC Barcelona as the 18-year-old talent once the full layer of former team-mate Roy Keane.

Gerard Piqué

Piqué made in his early days a mistake with him, so he tells The Players’ Tribune. “It was during one of my first matches at Old Trafford. We were sitting in the dressing room and I was terribly nervous. Imagine, as an 18-year-old boy next to Ruud van Nistelrooy, Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand. I wanted to be invisible! I thought to myself: do your thing and fall further.”

“We were at that moment waiting for the coach (Sir Alex Ferguson, eds.). I was literally next to Roy Keane. Our dressing room was so small that our legs almost touched. There was barely any room. At that moment it was quiet. Suddenly, I heard something vibrate. Roy looked directly at him and I realized that my phone was! That was still in my pants, just behind the head of Roy hung hung.”

Jack Nicholson

“Roy couldn’t figure out where the sound came from. His eyes shot in all directions, like a maniac. Do you know the famous scene in The Shining where Jack Nicholson broke down the door with ease? There he appeared. “Whose phone is that?!’, bellowed Keane. Silence. Then, for the third time: “who is that fucking phone?!’
Finally, I said, as a small boy, and with trembling voice: “I’m sorry, he’s mine.’ Roy was completely crazy! He gave me the wind from the front, with everyone there. I fart almost in my pants. But it was a good lesson. Now, in 2018, everything is different. All of the young players today on their iPhone. Then it was a different world. Something you did not. Certainly not in the dressing room of United, the dressing room, Roy. It was one of the thousand errors which I made at United.”

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