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Red Devils U21 convert Dutch convincing aside in oefenmatch

b61d8e9599c12bbd3e059f1538b470cd - Red Devils U21 convert Dutch convincing aside in oefenmatch

The Red Devils U21 have a friendly against the Netherlands with large numbers won. The Derby of the Low Countries for promises ended at 1-4, after goals from Obbi Oulare, Dion Cools, Julien Ngoy and Alexis De Sart. The party was finished in Doetinchem and gold as an important test for the qualification-international match of Tuesday against Hungary.

The match started out well for the Belgian promises. Antwerp-striker Oulare climbed highest at a free kick and nodded the opening goal after four minutes against the ropes. The netherlands had for the rest, the most of the ball possession, but the opportunities were for the young Red Devils.

Among the rest, you changed a coach, Johan Walem five players. It was obviously just searching for the new automatisms, because Belgium swallowed quickly in the second half the equalizer. Debutant Groenveld continued handsome little man in the wind and pushed the 1-1 past Teunckens.

Efficient Belgians

The engine turned quickly again to our countrymen. Not even ten minutes after the equalizer, put Dion Cools his team back the lead. The netherlands put everything and went full on the attack, but left this much space. The Red Devils U21 profited respond by Ngoy and The Sart was still 1-4.

Monday play the troops of coach Johan Walem a qualifying international match against Hungary. The U21 count in the race to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 fourteen points from six matches and are still unbeaten. Hungary, the third in group 6. It is also the last home game in their qualifying group. The beginning of 2018 they move to Malta, Hungary and Sweden.

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