Prosecutor tackles case Ed Westwick

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The officers of justice in Los Angeles review the case of Ed Westwick, who was accused of sexual abuse.

Ed Westwick.

The Gossip Girl actor, by actress Kristina Cohen accuses of rape in 2014. She communicated her allegations on Facebook in november last year, in which she described how he took her in his home in West Los Angeles on the bed pushed her rushed in, without her consent. Then she did report it to the police.

Westwick has the accusations are always denied via social media. However, later two more women with allegations to the outside. They would be in 2014 due to him being raped. Westwick responded also on Twitter and let us know that the allegations are ’provably untrue’ and that he ’ with the authorities will cooperate so that his name as soon as possible, can be purified’.

Further, there are no details published around the case. In any case it is already clear that the case is not statute-barred, because this applies to incidents for ten years. Westwick lost after the rumors of his role in the BBC series of Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence. The show was postponed and there was a new actor being sought for the role, the choice fell on actor Christian Cooke.

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