Paris SG should share stadium closing after riots

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Paris Saint-Germain must be at the next home game at the European level a part of the stadium closed by order of the disciplinary committee of the UEFA. The French club has been punished for the riots at the last European duel for the home crowd against Real Madrid (1-2) in the eighth finals of the Champions League. Paris SG should also be a fine of 43,000 euros to pay for it.


With the return on 6 march in Paris there was a fireworks display by the French supporters chipped. It was also in the stadium made use of a laser pointer. According to the UEFA were the French security measures in a general sense, inadequate.

Through all the unrest in the stands and by the strong development of smoke around the field was the German arbitrator Felix Brych the game two times to pause. Paris SG was by the defeat on their own field against the title holder off in the Champions League.

Olympique Marseille may after the riots in the away game against Athletic Bilbao no fans bring to the visit to RB Leipzig on 5 april in the quarter-finals of the Europa League.

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