Owen Wilson leaves hotel guests evacuëren

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Owen Wilson went out with a blonde in South Beach, Florida to a hotel, but it was probably not the night that he had proposed.

Owen Wilson

At midnight arrived Wilson with a woman in Hotel Croydon. While they are together, a cigarette shared with the bathroom, started there suddenly all kinds of lights to flash. It turned out part of the fire alarm, that through the smoke of the cigarette into effect was put.

Video footage showed that his date just with the actor begins to dance when the alarm goes off. Then slip them out of the way, Wilson is enjoying a drink on the terrace and his date smoke the cigarette. Inside the hotel, shuffling bewildered hotel guests, meanwhile, in their pajamas, down the stairs. “The whole hotel had to be evacuated,” says an eye-witness to Page Six.

The actor is currently working on an animated film Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin. Here he plays alongside Kate Winslet and Gerard Butler.

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