’Onderhandelingsdocumenten EU must be public’

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LUXEMBOURG – Documents in the negotiations between the European Parliament, the member states and the European Commission on legislation that should, in principle, be made public if so requested. The European Court of Justice has determined.

Citizens should have the decision-making process on the monitor and have full access to all the relevant information, according to the judges in Luxembourg.

The EU parliament refused in 2015 as a part of the documents with compromisteksten to release after an Italian citizen, there had to be prompted. He received them only after the legislative procedure a year later it was completed. Too late, according to the court, that refers to the “principles of disclosure and transparency” in the EU, the confidence of the citizens in the EU would increase.

A disclosure request should be denied only if the respective EU institution demonstrates that disclosure of the decision-making process can undermine it.

The lack of transparency in the EU, the national parliaments a thorn in the eye. Dutch parliamentarians, among whom Pieter Omtzigt (CDA), offered last month in Brussels on behalf of 26 member parliaments recommendations to improve in.

As should parliaments, for example, should be able to check how a minister in Brussels has voted on a particular matter. All documents should as soon as possible publicly accessible.

The subject is not yet placed on the agenda for the council of ministers for European Affairs, was a spokesman of permanent EU president Bulgaria know.

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