Not a cat in the cinema in London

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In various Uk cinemas, thanks to the chain Picturehouse, dogs following Sunday to the avant-premiere of Wes Andersons latest film. “Isle of Dogs” is a animatieprent about a young hero in search of his dog, that in case of an outbreak of hondengriep is gone. The quadrupeds have their hondstrouwste friend, a man, to bring. Picturehouse Central is called the initiative “Dog-Friendly”.

Especially for the viervoeterige visitors provides Picturehouse bowls of water and blankets on the seat must be placed in order to wetness to avoid. Furthermore, the volume is a bit lower to the sensitive hondenoortjes not to hurt. The initiative is not new: since August in order to six weeks shows for humans and other mammals is held. “And that’s about the kalmste performances that you can imagine,” said bioscoopuitbaatster Kathryn Smith to the newspaper The Times. “So far, there has been no single incident occurred, such as to satisfy a natural need or hondenruzies”. Actually, according to Smith, the dogs are often better behaved than our human customers. What dogs and people have in common: the movie is too boring, dare she fall asleep. The movie so far, the Canis lupus familiaris cinefilis the most in taste, is “Only on earth”. That is also a love story between two shepherds in the idyllic Yorkshire, with several guest appearances of sheep and dogs.

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