Nostalgia: the Italian classic ‘La meglio gioventù’ in the Movies & Series Pass

f31a7fa28be4cb465390fe763e8e5c64 - Nostalgia: the Italian classic ‘La meglio gioventù’ in the Movies & Series Pass

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‘La meglio gioventù’ tells the story of the Italian family Carati from the end of the sixties until today. Nicola and Matteo are two brothers, who initially had the same dreams, books, and friendships to share. When Giorgia meet, a young girl suffering from mental disorders, their future, forced a twist. Nicola decides psychiatrist, Matteo abandons his study and to report to the police.

The small and large dramas from the life of Matteo, Nicola, and their families, run parallel with the events of recent Italian history to the fore: the flood of Florence in 1966, the fight against the Sicilian mafia, the big football matches of the Italian national team, the student protests, the terror of the Red Brigades, the Fiat crisis…

The film outlines not only the history of a family, but also of a country and even a continent. Who wants to learn the Italian history of this movie already once. ‘La meglio gioventù’ is a historical film, told on the basis of realistic, personal stories.

The soundtrack is beautiful, the story engaging and gripping. “La meglio gioventù” was written by Sandro Petraglia and Stefano Rulli and directed by Marco Tullio Giordana. In the cast you can also see Luigi Lo Cascio (Nicola), Alessio Boni (Matteo) and Jasmine Trinc (Giorgia). Luigi Lo Cascio played in 2013, though in ‘Marina’, a film by Stijn Coninx with Matteo Simoni.

‘La meglio gioventù’ won numerous awards, including for Best Film in the section ‘Un Certain Regard’ at the Cannes film Festival in 2003. The film was released in 2003, but film distributor Lumière brought the film in 2015 in the restored version again in the halls.

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