Nearly 1.3 million people follow results elections

22d33258fdc5661c1390b2138906c2e2 - Nearly 1.3 million people follow results elections

The uitslagenavond of the municipal elections on NPO 1 Wednesday, nearly 1.3 million tv viewers drawn. That is according to figures from the Foundation for sight examination.

The uitslagenavond in TivoliVredenburg

The netherlands Choose, The Results began at half past nine, and lasted up until after midnight. The program is with 1.274.000 viewers on the third spot in the top 25 of best viewed programs. The Journal of eight hours and The World Turns By attracted even more interest with, respectively, 2.3 million and 1.5 million viewers.

Tuesday night watched a little of million people to the election debate the Netherlands Choose – The Debate.

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