Mystery ’rare’ mane lioness resolved

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OKLAHOMA – The keepers of a zoo in Oklahoma were last month perplexed: lioness Bridget had a big manengroei developed. From lab results is now shown how the new look of her is arise.

The metamorphosis of Bridget in the picture.

The Oklahoma City Zoo says in the newsletter of march that tests at the University of Tennessee reveal that the African lioness Bridget an increased level of androstenedione, a hormone that can contribute to the development of male features.

Veterinarians compared the blood with that of her sister. In the blood of Bridget was a higher cortisolgehalte found, that the metabolism and the immune system regulates.


The zoo says that the results probably mean that the eighteen-year-old lioness, a benign tumor has which these hormones produces, but that her health is excellent.

The mane started between march and november 2017 to grow, writes the Oklahoma City Zoo. That was a mystery: mannetjesleeuwen always have manes starting from the second year of life, but for women, it is “very rare.”

Yet it is not the first time. A 13-year-old lioness from South Africa in 2011 moons because of a problem in the ovaries. Her body was too much testosterone. Also in Botswana were in 2014, four lionesses with manes.

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