Mystery mini-mummy solved: Ata is not a alien

8ab45c44d6edc9416761a96897395f81 - Mystery mini-mummy solved: Ata is not a alien

SAN FRANCISCO – The origin of the mysterious mini-mummy from Chile, which is seen by many as an alien creature was seen, is known. The tiny, just a 15 inch long mummified skeleton with the strange elongated skull and large eye sockets is human, female to be exact. That’s after five years of intensive dna research and comparison with the genome of chimpanzee and resusaap.

The discovery in an abandoned, gortdroog and hot place in the Chilean Atacama desert, bare in 2003, a stir worldwide. There was even a documentary dedicated to the alientje, that Ata was baptized to the site. The film is now definitively science fiction. In reality, the little girl, probably a year or forty ago, much too early, was born, a series of genetic abnormalities, which led to deformity of the skull.

Californian scientists have in the journal Genome Research, are described. Many of the proven gendefecten was known that they played a role in dwarfism, curvature of the spine (scoliosis), and deformation of muscles and bones. Other observed mutations were associated with the onset of certain diseases but not yet with this kind of retardation.

In the first study, I noticed early on that Ata ten of the twelve pairs of ribs and that some skeleton of a six – or seven-year child lay. Could it be that they, despite all the deformities so long lived? No, say the specialists, thanks to the from a rib extracted genetic material. Ata was a foetus and was suffering from a rare disease that bones rapidly aging.

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