’Mistress, Donald Trump jr. also went with Russell Simmons ranting like a beast’

4cfa12aec870544c37e76d2b43e9be99 - ’Mistress, Donald Trump jr. also went with Russell Simmons ranting like a beast’

The woman who had an affair with Donald Jr. Trump says in a re-emerged podcast about a wild affair with a realityster. Sources tell Page Six that realityster Russell Simmons.

Aubrey O’day and Russell Simmons

According to previous rumors would the man in question is Donald Jr. ; recently been announced that Aubrey O’day was having an affair with him during the filming of The Celebrity Apprentice. But also the name of Diddy sang around. Sources tell us, however, that it is very good Russell Simmons.

Aubrey played with them in his long-forgotten reality show in 2010: Running Russell Simmons. The podcast Risk! which is now surfaced, coming in 2012. The singer says: “I flirted with an ma during the filming and after my performance in the finals, I walked down the hall. When I was a bathroom repealed. He pushed me against the wall, looked at me for two seconds and then we went like beasts is raging.”


A spokesman for Simmons speaks to the sources and let Page Six Wednesday know: “Russell Simmons has never had an intimate relationship with Aubrey O’day. To be clear: he is not the man that mrs. O’day describes as the one that she met in a tv program and where they have a romantic relationship.”

Simmons is staying at the moment in Bali for a so-called ’spiritual break’. He went to the country after he was twelve women were accused of sexual abuse, including rape. He has always denied.

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