’Mental capacity Skripals may be impaired’

d4baa2c80bbac67cbb82dc713c769cbd - ’Mental capacity Skripals may be impaired’

LONDON – The attack in England with nerve gas on the former Russian Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia has their mental abilities may be impaired. It is unclear whether they will recover, said a British court Thursday in a statement.

Judge David Williams gave in his ruling, consent, blood samples to take of the Skripals by doctors, to chemical weapons inspectors of the OPCW to allow the test to run. Examination of blood samples by a laboratory in the Uk Porton Down confirmed already that the father and daughter Skripal are exposed to the nerve gas novitsjok or a similar drug.

“The precise effect of the exposure on their health in the long term remains unclear, although medical tests indicate that their mental capacity may be compromised”, said the judge.

A not specifically identified physician who is the Skripals deals, said that they were both heavily sedated, unable to communicate, and that it was not possible to see when or to what extent their mental abilities to get it back. They are both located in a physically stable condition, he said.

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