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McLaren: “Despite the difficult preparation, we’re ready for first F1 race”

23e16cdbc87bc59f1de3bf9181478870 - McLaren: "Despite the difficult preparation, we're ready for first F1 race"

This coming weekend begins McLaren to a new chapter in its rich history. According to team boss Eric Boullier, they are ready in Woking, he must also admit that the preparation is far from ideal, has expired.

After an unhappy marriage with partner Honda for the past three years occurs in the McLaren this year, with engines of Renault. The expectations are high, and during the pre-seasontesten in Barcelona they ran against a number of unpleasant surprises.

Nevertheless, the fact that Eric Boullier the problems occur we can not do otherwise than conclude that McLaren should be down to Australia with a package that is not working optimally.

“The goal is that we are competitive and regularly in the front ranks will be found,” said Boullier in the French ‘RMC’. “First, we will our new package should get to know. We have the new engine and auto discover, also the way how we should handle it. We’ll see what happens in the first races happened.”

“We’re going to do everything to be ready in Australia because it is finally a chance to get points anyway but it is clear that we have many small problems, not the ideal preparation they have had.”

Ironically, they had at McLaren in Barcelona sometimes sit by and watch as the Toro Rosso lap after lap smoothly afmaalde with a Honda engine in the back of their car.

“There are teams that have a better preparation to have had, such as, for example, Toro Rosso,” the Frenchman continued. “The fact of only eight days available to have and there are still three of lost as a result of the weather has also not helped.”

“It is still a little early to know where we stand. We have too little mileage and we have too little racesimulaties can do. The missing us some data,” concluded Boullier.
It will be so to our fellow countryman, Stoffel Vandoorne and team-mate Fernando Alonso to be there this coming weekend in Australia make the best of it.

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