May warns ‘pattern of Russian aggression against Europe’

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The British prime minister Theresa May has Thursday, on her arrival at the European summit in Brussels, warned of ‘Russian threat that knows no boundaries’. The recent gifaanval on a former Russian double agent in Salisbury, is, according to her, ” part of a pattern of Russian aggression against Europe and her neighbours, from the western Balkans to the Middle East’.

May will be her European counterparts Thursday night to catch up on the state of research into the gifaanval on Sergei Skripal and meaning daughter in Salisbury at the beginning of this month. For London it is obvious that Moscow is behind the incident. ‘Russia has a shameless and reckless attack against Great Britain staged’, argued the conservative prime minister.

May thanked her European partners for the solidarity. That people were not wholeheartedly behind the British thesis, but the EU takes it according to May is particularly serious that the British government considers that it is very likely that the Russian Federation is responsible’. It is expected that the heads of state and government Thursday evening a statement to approve in which they gifaanval condemn British and their full support commitment.

Taxes for online businesses?

On the top will also go over two new proposals in the area of taxes for online businesses. The first performs in the short term, a provisional tax, the second provides for the introduction of a tax on the place where there is significant interaction via digital channels between the company in question and its users. The company need not be physically present in the state.

But the attendees are already at the beginning thoroughly divided on the proposals. This threatens the discussions following prime minister Charles Michel ‘difficult’ to be. ‘The more we support want to give to our companies, smes and self-employed, everyone should be an equitable contribution, ” says Michel. The French president, Emmanuel Macron is for the commission’s Proposal, but other countries are more reluctant.

Ireland and Luxembourg fear, for example, the continued presence of foreign tech on their territory. Germany is critical for the timing of the proposal. Will the fact that mainly American companies, the tax should pay, not the wrath of the American president Donald Trump generate?

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