May, Merkel and Macron talk about attack of nerve

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BRUSSELS – British prime minister Theresa May, chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Emmanuel Macron deliberate Thursday in Brussels among themselves about the attack with nerve gas in the Uk, Salisbury is a Russian former double agent. The 28 EU leaders will attack on their EU-summit “in the strongest possible terms” to condemn but steggelen about how hard Russia is to be blamed.

The member states are not on one line. According to the Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, the EU’s “solidarity” with the British, but they must be “very responsible” dealing with the issue. In the draft text is now that the EU is the British rating “extremely serious” take that “probably” the Russians are responsible. May, Macron and Merkel, want tougher words.

According to May, a “reckless attack” on Sergei Skripal part of “a pattern of Russian aggression against Europe”. For any additional EU sanctions against Moscow is still too early. According to May, there are EU countries who consider Russian diplomats out. Prime minister Mark Rutte said that he is “not an issue”.

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