Major strike action in France

e7f7a866f74f52b301579000f06d7ae6 - Major strike action in France

PARIS – strike action directed against reforms that the government proposes, impeding Thursday in France, including many train and air traffic. According to French media is much public transport and it is estimated that 40 percent of the trains on the longer distance. At Paris airports would be almost a third of the flights are deleted.

Seven trade unions have their members called on to strike against the reform policies of the government of prime minister Edouard Philippe president and Emmanuel Macron. Especially people in the public service laying are expected to have the work down, including the staff of schools and hospitals.

With the actions, inter alia, protested against low wages and against the dreaded dismantling of public services. Macron has announced earlier in the unwieldy public sector 120,000 jobs to be deleted and suggested that this possibly with redundancies will be realised. Railway workers strike against a revolution in the railway company SNCF. Macron wants to the privileged status of the staff, both working as retired, have been since the thirties, enjoy, dispose of.

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