Lindsay had a little push in the back need to be for IVF to go

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A radiant Lindsay spoke openly in Ment on Sunday about her pregnancy and childbirth. Eventually she would even dare to have a second child, but she is already very happy.
Nine years was the wait for the likeable singer at Lisa-Marie. Everything to put them in her previous single, “A desire to be great”. When Lindsay in a dip was a sleepless night experienced, she wrote an hour’s time, the text for that number.
Because the presenter of the Flemish Top 10, even on Sundays and holidays, once the hospital had to go, she realizes that there are more people with this problem to struggle. The singer has to say many waited too long to take the step to IVF. She didn’t know what was going on in her would come out, also what is the hormonal aspect involved. Ready to take the step, she was not, until there is a click in her head was made and a knowledge of her on the right track put. That knowledge is called to the secretariat of Doctor De Vos of the university hospital of Jette in order for Lindsay to make an appointment.

With this candid interview wants Lindsay people a heart under the belt stitches that difficult to become pregnant get to continue and not give up, because a small child is, of course, beautiful. The singer eventually had eight IVF attempts are needed and she is extremely happy that this exists! They gives that you better used to begin, because with the age of the woman increases her fertility. Lindsay is 39 years and that is already pretty old for a first-time mother to be.

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