Laura Lynn has something to celebrate

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Today is a special day for Laura Lynn. The singer has something to celebrate because 13 years ago, her first single was presented.
“Today is the 13 years ago that I stress almost could not handle. Voltage, gebibber, happiness was there when I 1000 x lied to the public should the proposals. My big dream became a reality. More than 15000 sold singles. I could hardly believe it.All thanks to you!!”, writes the singer on Facebook. “Thank you for the support and the nice moments of the past 13 years. Thank you to universal/top act music, and Ilia, my manager, for all these beautiful opportunities that I got, Filip and Dear for the beautiful texts and songs. And of course mom thank you for everything! You guys are great. Also a big thank you to Patrick(ex manager), even though our cooperation stopped, you have me to the top. I’m really quite happy with what I was able to enjoy the past 13 years. Thank you!!!”, wrote the singer on Facebook.

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