Kluivert reacts to misunderstanding: ‘Maradona is the best’

9ac9f9f7c383b74c57c0eaba83c890f2 - Kluivert reacts to misunderstanding: 'Maradona is the best'

Patrick Kluivert has written a movie made clear that the ‘painful moment’ between him and Diego Maradona is to be based on a misunderstanding.

Patrick Kluivert (l.)

On social media, there was Wednesday, what consternation, when, on a movie to see how Kluivert the outstretched hand of Maradona – intentionally or not – ignored and him beam to be passing by.

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A day later, responding Kluivert on Instagram. ‘Let one thing be clear: for me, Maradona is the best of the best’ is the bijtekst. On the video, then see how Kluivert Maradona still embraces.

Watch video here

The Instagram post of Patrick Kluivert


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