Kevin Hart: ’On my 45th, I’m a billionaire’

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Kevin Hart gives a glimpse into his mindset during a conversation at the Variety Massive Summit. And that is quite ambitious.

Kevin Hart talks about his boundless ambitions

“Yes, I really a magnate to be”, let him know in conversation with Variety’s co-editor-in-chief Andrew Wallenstein. “I will be a billionaire. I am now 38 years. By the time I got 45 am, you will be a completely different story to talk about me.”

The multi-talented comedian, actor, producer and writer works with but one aim for eyes: Hollywood take over. His great example is Tyler Perry, in whose studio the hit film Black Panther was included. In addition to a large number of projects that he launches, he puts on social media is also its name already firmly down with honderdmiljoen followers. It is exactly what he wants: “Success, ownership, a brand that are the trophies that you in the entertainmentbusiness can win and I want that f*cking trophies.”

His aspirations all stem from one lost trophy in his youth, tells Heart. When he as a child, once a swimming match lost and therefore the cup to his nose, saw, spoke to his mother, miraculous words to him until the day of today inspire. “She said:” You can be great or you can’t be great’.” It should be clear where Kevin Hart then chose.

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