Kate Middleton starts to leave)

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Kate Middleton has her last obligations for maternity leave, done. The duchess of Cambridge in april is calculated.

Kate and her husband prince William were Thursday in the Copper Box Arena in London for the annual rolstoelbasketbalcompetitie of SportsAid, says, among other BBC.

The duke and duchess of Cambridge visit to the sporting event in the framework of the Gemenebestspelen 2018, which is about a small two weeks in Australia. They lived rolstoelbasketbaldemonstraties in the sports hall in Stratford. Also, prince William should try his luck by from a wheelchair a basketball through the ring to shoot, but succeeded only at the third attempt.

The royal couple was also subject to a quiz to enhance their knowledge about the Commonwealth to the test. Also they helped with the preparing of the Commonwealth-lunch in the St. Luke’s Community Centre in London.

The third child of William and Kate is the fifth in the succession to the throne. He or she comes after brother George (4) and sister Charlotte (2).


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