‘Kanye West is embroiled in a legal battle to brand Yeezy’

43d6d82dbc7961c9072444186ede55df - 'Kanye West is embroiled in a legal battle to brand Yeezy'

Kanye West takes it in the courtroom against a Chinese apparel company to be the brand name Yeezy. The rapper wants the exclusive right for the use of the name.

West used the term since 2013 and in 2017 applied for a patent for ‘Yeezy’. The Chinese company has in June 2017, a request for the name of ‘Yeezy Boost’ and would have the right to: West has the name is not recorded for clothing.

People reports that the rapper almost immediately after the request of the Chinese company a complaint has filed with the Us court.

The matter is not only about the brand of the West: the rapper is by apparel company Jordan Outdoor Enterprises sued for the use of a camouflageprint that according to Jordan Outdoor Enterprises is an exact copy of their print.

People working for Wests company Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, in 2016, have been approached about the print, but then there’s no more on his back. The print is used in the most recent line of Yeezy.


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