Justice examines verkrachtingszaak Ed Westwick

2d5671617283dbd4b4444686e78c2794 - Justice examines verkrachtingszaak Ed Westwick

The public prosecutor of Los Angeles is investigating whether Ed Westwick should be prosecuted for rape. A woman accused the actor in november of the abuse.

The public prosecutor’s office in Los Angeles, take all the police collected the evidence under the microscope, shows a spokesman know filmblad Variety. That would Tuesday have been transferred to the judiciary.

Westwicks alleged victim, actress Kristina Cohen says that the tv star on her was needed while she slept. “I woke up with Ed on top of me, while his fingers in my body urged”, she wrote on her Facebook page.

The online charges followed allegations of two other actresses, who also say to be abused by the Gossip Girl actor. Another woman claims that the Brit her for two days in his house was for sex.

Westwick has not yet commented on the steps that justice put. Earlier he claimed that not a single accusation based on truth. “I have never imposed in any way whatsoever,” was his statement. “I have absolutely never guilty of rape. I will cooperate with the authorities so that they my name as quickly as possible to purify.”

While Westwick was never formally found guilty, involved, the allegations make him a great tv job. The BBC deleted its role from a miniseries to a detective novel by Agatha Christie, titled Doom of Suspicion.

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