Jerry O’connell plays the brother of Sheldon in ‘Big Bang Theory’

e408d51942ece86a75df09ffe9efac8f - Jerry O'connell plays the brother of Sheldon in 'Big Bang Theory'

‘The Big Bang Theory’ has Jerry O’connell roped for the role of Sheldons older brother Georgie, so have the makers yesterday announced in Los Angeles. Georgie will be appearing on the marriage of Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons).

Georgie is one of the central figures in the prequel of ‘The Big Bang Theory’; ‘Young Sheldon’. The 44-year-old O’connell, known for his role in the ninetiesserie ‘Sliders’ and supporting roles in films like ‘Scary Movie 5’, ‘Stand by Me’ and ‘Scream 2′, will the character in the popular sitcom about nerds, for us to see in Q2, to take over Montana’s Jordan, who is the younger Georgie plays in the prequel Young Sheldon’.

The contemporary version of Georgia will be on the scene appear on the marriage of Sheldon and Amy, an episode in may for the first broadcast will be. The creators revealed that Georgie accompanied by his mother, Mary, played by Emmy-winner Laurie Metcalf. The creators explained in addition, a corner of the veil about the run-up to the marriage of the two main characters; so are the “unusual” vrijgezellenfeestjes not entirely according to plan…

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