Hilary Swank chased tasjesdief on the highway

6d4798117a97c6c1bbf64500d9737772 - Hilary Swank chased tasjesdief on the highway

Anyone Million Dollar Baby has seen, knows that Hilary Swank is not hesitate to for some action. A criminal in Paris was apparently not aware of all bokstrainingen that the actress had followed for the vaunted boksfilm. He had to attempt Swanks handbag to steal almost pay for this with a public embarrassment.

Swank told The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on the episode. “It was on the motorway to Paris, and I had my eyes closed. Suddenly I heard a loud, horrible sound. As if the car was rammed,” said the 43-year-old movie star.

“It happened again, so I looked up and saw that somebody’s car window struck and my bag handle, on the highway, in the file”

Where others doodsangsten would endure, took to the American hair vechtersinstinct the upper hand. “I was just behind him running along the highway. He turned and looked at me as if he wanted to installation,” said Hilary.

“It was only when I stopped and realized: this is not a movie, this time acting I don’t. This really happens and no one calls ‘cut’. When ceased my pursuit.”

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