“Here am I too old for, with your kleuterradio!’

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The chance that Tim Knol ever will occur in a radio show of Giel Beelen, seems to be over. The singer and the Veronica-deejay went sat night with a big fight from each other, after Beelen – during the occurrence of Tuber – a stripper in the broadcast had come. “Here, I really feel too old for this crap!”

Reason for Giels joke was the criticism that Tim a few weeks ago, when Radio 538-dj Frank Dane a performance by singer Moon interrupted with the arrival of a streaker. Tim called Frank and his team “incredible useless” and called in addition to the boycott of 538.

“I’m really angry with you, Tim,” says Giel shortly before Tuber cover of Heart of Gold by Neil Young is going to sing. “I’ve doubted whether I you would invite. 538 is here in the same building, nota bene, belongs to the Talpa Radio Group, where I now work. I want to be there still for a moment to enter, because you are so violently reacted. And I simply thought: shut the fuck up, Tim. You won’t know what to do.”

Then explains to Tim why he for Moon in the gap jump. “Maybe that’s true, but I saw the movie come in. I see that happen, and then I think: yes, if I had been, I was a runaway. I was just very sad for that girl. She was a very pretty song to sing and it was very exciting for her. And then there is suddenly a naked guy with his naked cock in front of her nose. I find that a bit nasty. I find that simply ridiculous.”


As Tim and his band eventually the song bet, reveals Giel to his listeners that he has a surprise in store. “What Tim doesn’t know, is that there are so really a stripper arrives. I am wondering if it a long sustain.”

As soon as Tim the stripper sees you, he takes his guitar and he walks towards the exit of the building. “I have no sense in it. Here I am too old for this trouble. Sorry. I feel too serious for that. This is exactly the same story. I really had not expected such a thing would do. That you are so low in pockets. Flash on, john. Here, I really feel too old for this crap. Kleuterradio. I do not style and now you go me here a little for cock. I just have my principles.”

When Tim comes back to his band members to help pack up, grabs Giel the time to let them know what he thinks. “I thought: let me not during your own number. I find this really very unsportsmanlike, Tim. This is me really really against. I mean, if you are so your opinion ready about everyone and everything… that’s why I also doubted I would invite. I didn’t actually have to do. And I also don’t know really whether I should say ’until next time’.”

Tim then makes all uncertainty to an end: “Well Giel, I thought not.”

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