Good and less good news about Andrei Lugovski

710b7e04ea3a4a5f5e8208d7830f29c8 - Good and less good news about Andrei Lugovski

The Flemish singer Andrei Lugovski troubles still with the consequences of the poisoning with thallium. The newspapers of “media house”, know that it has been a bit better with Andrei and that is good news. There is more good news for the voice of Andrei would, according to the specialists is not affected. The opportunity is so great that Andrei ever will be able to sing, but whether that actually will happen is the question. The rehabilitation of Andrei goes very slowly and there will be one of long duration. Andrei can now carefully walk at least if he is supported. The singer has troubles with his eyes. He sees vague images and then also only with one eye. The many cards he has received, he is still not able to read, so bad is the situation.

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