Giel Beelen ’lynched’ to joke Tim Knol

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Giel Beelen is very likely to two times to think if he wants to play a joke with an artist. After the dj the Thursday morning to stick with singer Tim Knol, who then infuriated the studio left, Giel on social media with skin and swallowed her up. And although the shockjock his stunt itself could still appreciate, there are very few people who are opinion parts. “Very low of you, Giel. Terrible.”

Geuel Beelen

The radio host found that Tim at the end of last year to violently had responded to a joke of 538-dj Frank Dane, singer Moon during a performance with him in the broadcast had been exposed to a streaker. Tuber had in response, listeners called the radio station to boycott, and so decided Beelen o the singer from Hoorn for a cookie of own dough give. The Veronica-deejay arranged a stripper and knew thereby the performance of Tim pause. The singer thought for then, not for a moment, picked up his guitar and left angry in the house.

Not much later, it rained for the social media reactions from irate listeners who are there not to lie. Giel, who last year 3FM exchanged for Veronica, is the scapegoat and must put to the blisters sit. So says someone on Twitter: “It starts really embarrassing to be that if you’re a grown man so kicks this kind of things. I know that you doesn’t matter, because negative attention is also attention. Yet you are so’n terrible zielenpoot become, that I almost you do have.”

Painful and deeply saddening

Also colleagues of Tim taking it for the singer. “Are you serious, this mean seriously? Or is it purely for the stuntje?”, ask Bertolf. Henk Westbroek goes a step further: “The call for Giel Beelen fired because of a student joke seems to me to be human. – Given the nature of the flauwiteit – castration without anesthesia is no civilized alternative?” Nico Dijkshoorn is called the action of Beelen ’painful and deeply saddening’. “Giel proves to be the equal of Tim Knol.”

In a poll that Thursday by Private on Twitter was divided, 75% of the voters voting on the side of Tim. 10% of twitter users are located in camp Giel’ and 15% think that both men are in oce. On Facebook, the difference is even greater. This takes 95% of the users party for Tim and gives only 5% to the action of Beelen to appreciate it.

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