First real trial of strength between unions and Macron

3e16ddeb1c31fdec789bb1408e26c77f - First real trial of strength between unions and Macron

The French president Emmanuel Macron is in for a baptism of fire. Today begin the first national, broad-based protests against his policies on the streets, under the ground and in the air.

The staff of the railways gives a shot across the bow of the action – and stakingsmarathon of three months beginning in april. Their protest is aimed against the reform of the national railways, SNCF. A part of the Thalys connections to Brussels and Paris is deleted. The metro of Paris is also confronted with actions. They are afraid for similar reforms at the track.

Officials at schools and hospitals lay the work down. They want more purchasing power and questions that there are less jobs to be deleted. Air traffic controllers strike. They complain that they are too few people too much work need to do. Tomorrow scissors also the staff of Air France at the actiefront. Their requirement: 6 percent more pay.

Collision course

It is the first time that so many professions at the same time, and massive action against the government-Macron. The unions have their lesson in the meantime learned. A half-year ago, were the actions still to be fragmented, and were results nil. This time they put on a collision course. Actions and strikes should be to a disruption to lead, and to growing discontent among the French. The unions want the hard games, because they know that the government remains. “We are going to our policy to explain, but are also determined to continue with our reforms”, in responding to a government spokesman.

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