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F1-pilot Thierry Boutsen will own chicane on the Circuit of Zolder

caf996a8141b083462e04c0740b24406 - F1-pilot Thierry Boutsen will own chicane on the Circuit of Zolder

The Circuit Zolder has the small chicane of her circuit named after Thierry Boutsen, one of our most successful F1 pilots ever. The small chicane on the circuit was renamed the ‘Thierry Boutsen Chicane’.

“The seventies and eighties were the peak value of Thierry Boutsen and for the Circuit of Zolder,” says Sven Pribylla, general manager of the Circuit of Zolder. “With the new name for the chicane, we want to look back on the glorious history of our former F1 hero. We want our recognition. From now on Thierry for always connected to our circuit.”

In 1984 was the last time a GP Belgium Formula 1 at the Circuit of Zolder organized. Thierry Boutsen was on the start of the race and finds it a great honor that the chicane now bears his name.

“I have here in the Attic learning how to drive,” said Boutsen in a comment. “Here I have my first race driven. In 1978, I won in the Attic, the Benelux championship, then doors for me opened. Thanks to the support of Attic and I got up in F1.”

“That I am now an ambassador of the circuit, this is a great honor. My deepest respect goes to the race track and the people around it.”

Boutsen got in his F1 career, three victories, and was less than fifteen times on the podium.

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