Evacuation of 1500 fighters from the Ghouta

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BEIRUT/HARASTA – The Syrian government and insurgents in an enclave east of Damascus have agreed on the evacuation of fighters to the north-west of Syria. This reported several observers. Buses are ready to the an estimated 1500 combatants and possible 6000 family members from Harasta to transport.

The buses are ready in Harasta to the fighters and their family to transport.

Harasta, a stronghold of sunni extremists in the region, Eastern Ghouta, all the years are under siege. It is the first evacuation of fighters from Eastern Ghouta by the offensive of the Syrian army and allies in three French regions is divided. Harasta is the smallest with a size of roughly 2 by 2 kilometres.

Thursday from Harasta thirteen caught regeringsmilitairen released in exchange for five fighters. In the enclave, several combat groups are active, mainly sunni extremists.

Among their opponents are also shiite militias of the Lebanese movement Hezbollah. Who reported the news about the evacuation as the first. Hezbollahstrijders forms a crucial part of the armed forces of president Assad who is also not a sunni. Hezbollah was also decisive in the fall of Eastern Aleppo that has for years besieged. It came back in the hands of the government as jihadists and rebels in the end of 2016 agreed under a safe-conduct to northwest Syria. There are still large areas in the hands of jihadists and other insurgents.

Just north of Harasta is the besieged suburb of Duma. That is by a growing number of citizens leave. The last days were an estimated 50,000 people from Duma are left.

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