EU leaders condemn Turkey to Cyprus

f49c8920c6d71f2775fd1d738ef8e66e - EU leaders condemn Turkey to Cyprus

BRUSSELS – Turkey will get with “a strong condemnation” a slap on the fingers of the 28 EU leaders due to provocations in the territorial waters of Cyprus. The EU declares itself at a summit in Brussels “full solidarity with Cyprus and Greece”, as evidenced by the draft.

Turkish naval ships hold since February, a ship of the Italian energy company ENI that investigation gas finds in the sea near Cyprus. Previous month would be in addition to the Turkish coast guard is a Greek fast patrol boat have rammed which is partly paid by the EU.

The leaders call the actions of the Turkish navy in the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea is “illegal” and call on Ankara to stop. Cyprus is legitimate its own waters to explore and its natural resources to exploit, says the EU.

In addition, leaders “growing concerns” about the continued detention of EU citizens in Turkey. They are asking for a fast solution.

The relations between Cyprus, since 2004 member of the EU, and Turkey has been tense. In 1974, occupied Turkey to the northern part of the island. The republic of Northern Cyprus is only by Ankara recognized. The summit calls on Turkey’s relations with all EU member states including the republic of Cyprus normalize.

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